Friday, February 25, 2011

Mommies aren’t allowed to be sick

I’ve been struck..brought down..and there is NO time for that! What is one to do though? It all started about a week ago when Bubba started with “the cough”. He had no temperature and didn’t complain much, just rested a little more than usual (and who can complain about that, right?). Then…Stinky Face came next only she had a temperature and sounded awful. Hopeful that it would go away I waited two days! Then reluctantly we headed to the doctor’s office. There is where I learned that the flu and strep throat are known to keep company with each other (who knew). Of course I felt even worse that I let it go for two day before taking her. For obvious reasons both Bubba and I were also tested for strep and we both came back negative (so that is good). However, our week could not possibly be complete unless I too was sick, and so it was! As we come to the close of our week Bubba is sounding better, Stinky Face seems to be doing a little better, and I am still running a small temperature and feel as though I could cough up and internal organ any moment. Obviously there is no time for mommy’s to feel under the weather, especially when Girl Scout cookie booths start this weekend!! I am one of Silly Whim’s (8yrs) Brownie leaders and the next two weekends are jam packed with cookie booths, so I am hopeful this illness will be over soon! Since I have been under the weather I thought I would share what I recently finished up!

For Christmas this year I made handprint pillows for all the grandparents! I also started making one for myself, which I never did finish that is until recently. I used this tutorial and tweaked it a little. I used steam-a-seam and created iron on transfers with fabric. I also embroidered each child’s name and age along side of their handprint. Below is my pillow….I love it and hope the grandparents enjoyed theirs!

Now to come up with something for this year…ideas welcome!



  1. Great idea, it looks gorgeous:-)
    Have a great weekend, hugs Biljana

  2. Cute Pillows!
    As far as the bulletin board goes, mine was soooo old, so the fram was falling off, and wasn't glued on at all. Yours probably is glued. I would put the fabric on, gluing around as close to the frame as possible. Then I would take Ribbon and put that around the edge right up next to the frame so it finishes it all nice. And you could choose a super thin complimenting one as well...that way you don't have to take the frame off.
    Hope that helps!

  3. @ Biljana - Thanks You!
    @ Cami - I'm hoping to tackle these this week...thanks for the advice..that is what I was thinking!

  4. This is such a great idea!! And what a fun keepsake to have!!! We featured your lovely pillow today from the Fancy This Fridays link up! Hope you'll check it out and grab a button for your blog! ;)