Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last minute décor for V-Day

Those who know me well know I last minute a lot, its kind –of my thing. Although I’m sure a lot of you share that same “thing” with me! Really my intentions were too get this complete a week ago when I initially had my children do their part. I have had an assembly idea in my head, but the execution has been lacking! Which really is pathetic for such an easy project? Most should have the materials on hand. Below is what I made, so if you like what you see read on for the tute!

Child Decorated Garland Material List:
Coffee Filters
Red or Pink Construction Paper/Cardstock/or Patterned Paper
Sewing Machine
Thread to match

I started off by folding the coffee filter in half and cutting a heart like so:

I am using both the heart and the heart hole coffee filter, so make sure you don’t throw that away. Next I take my stack of filter hearts and give them to my little artists to whip me up some masterpieces like so:

Next I cut circles slightly bigger than my coffee filter using a circle cutter, and then adhere them together. They should look like this:

Next we are going to cut hearts our slightly larger than our filter hearts and adhere them together! Like so:

Now we are going to stack our pieces in the order which we would like them, then we are going to head on over to our sewing machine and stitch the bad boys together to form our garland, like so:

Once you have completed the above steps you are pretty much done, however if you would like to dress is up a little, you know add a little sparkle you could add on some glitter at this point. Obviously I chose not to have glitter everywhere . There you have it your garland in all of its glory…bring on the love 

Now don't mind my crooked pictures, one of my projects this year is changing my mantle setup!

Happy Crafting Blogland!

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