Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An attempt at organization

I am always looking for ways to organize and keep order in our house, who isn’t right? My husband would probably say a fail miserably at this job, but it’s not for the lack of trying! I am always forgetting things I need to pick up when I am out even though I make lists, which always seem to get left laying somewhere on my way out the door! Recently my 16yr old has called one too many times from school asking me to bring her homework (that she forgot). Needless to say I finally got fed up and told her I will no longer bring her homework or other forgotten items to school. My most recent project was something I am hoping will help with some of our current struggles. It all started with an idea, and then I set out to find a smallish white board. Of course I looked at goodwill first, however my gold mine this time was Target that’s right the good ole trusty end caps. I picked up this fantastic little white board for $1.98!! Below is what I ended up with.

I wasn’t extremely excited about the plainness of this white board so I decided to try and make it my own.

For starters I taped off the white board exposing only the frame.

Next I used some spray paint for plastics that I happen to have on hand and sprayed the frame. I did a couple coats to get a good covering.

Warning: Be careful NOT to do THIS!

After your paint has dried you can remove the tape and place the pen back on the board.

Next I found some scrap fabric and created several flowers each a little different. First I cut a strip of fabric and folded it in half and ironed it. Next I went over to my machine and ran a long stitch down the side not folded and pushed the fabric together creating a ruffle. See below:

Next I rolled the ruffle up to form a flower. Once it looked just how I wanted it I hand stitched the back/bottom of the flower to keep it together and then glued a small piece of felt over it. I then folded the flower down a bit to create this look:

For the next flower I cut another strip just as above, however this time I twisted my fabric and rolled into a flower. Once I got the desired look I hot glued the flower to stay, and then placed a small felt circle on the bottom with hot glue. I also did a felt flower this same way without folding in half. The felt flowers still seemed a little naked, so I plopped some little pearls in the center (love it)! These are what my final flowers looked like.

Next position your flowers in an arrangement on your board which make you happy! Once you get the look you desire then hot glue your flowers in place.

Now using those handy dandy command hooks adhere them to the locations you want to place your board. For me this was the front door, now hang and put that bad boy to use!

Now there should be no reason you or anyone for that matter to forget stuff anymore (we can all wish right?). Plus think of all those loving messages you can now leave for your family! Not to mention reminders such as trash day for those who have lived here for 9 years and still can’t remember when trash day is *smiles*.

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Happy Blogging!


  1. Great idea! I love your fabric flowers. Found you on Tip Junkie. I have an organizing blog if your interested: http://declutter-diva.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for the cute idea!

  2. @ Anne Marie - I am definitely going to check out your site...declutering is something I really need to do, but find sometimes its hard letting go! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!