Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playroom meets Formal Living Room

Hellllloooo….Blog land! I’ve been planning on doing some furniture makeovers for a while. Being as I have NEVER done this I must admit I am a little scared. To prepare for larger projects I found something at Goodwill, of course, that we needed but it didn’t necessarily go with the area we needed it for. Exhibit A:

While this would look great in a child’s room or playroom it just did not go with the area I wanted to put it in. While in Goodwill I tugged on the parts to ensure the pencil’s eraser was removable. I had something in mind, to replace it with. So, a trip to Lowes I found a decorative top to replace the eraser top. Exhibit B:

Next I wiped down the entire rack, then disassembled it like so:

I proceeded to coat all the pieces with primer. I used a low odor primer. I put 2 coats of primer on all pieces; it just seemed to cover better that way. So at this point it should look like this:

Next I painted all pieces with one coat of acrylic burnt umber. The coverage wasn’t great, but I figured since I was going to an aged/distressed/shabby chic look that was okay. So, at this point this is what it looks like:

Now moving into the final stages for my top coat I used an acrylic butter cream color mixed ½ and ½ with a faux glaze. With this mixture I painted then went behind and used a damp paper towel and rubbed some off. The first coat I did the outcome wasn’t what I wanted, so I went over each piece again with the mixture and rubbed again. This outcome was more what I was looking for. Remember this is my first project! I may at some point soon do some type of spray paint sealant. So below is what the pieces look like upon completion:

Completely assembled:

Placed in the formal living room and in use*smiles*:

My husband would love it if I would just have one coat for each person, but my fellow mothers have to help me out here. You just can’t have one coat! There are winter coats, spring jackets, dance jackets, and rain jackets! When you have six family members that is a lot of outerwear. I have to add I think we have the smallest coat closet EVER! So, with that said I’m happy with the little project. Before I tackle larger projects I think I will try a couple smaller in expensive ones. If you have done furniture and have any advice to give please do so in my comments, I can definitely use all the help I can get!

Happy Blogging!

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  1. Wow - I would have never guessed they were the same item! You did a fantastic job!

  2. Looks great, it should work well for you. Thanks so much for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.