Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's in the sauce

We all do it, look for that one identifying element that connects our children to us. Sometimes it is a facial expression, reaction, beauty mark, or liking. It gives us a warm fuzzy feeling to make that connection, even though we already know they are ours and they are so darn cute we can’t help but love them! My husband will be the first to poke fun at my saucy addiction. Hey, I’ll be the first to admit sauce makes everything better! We all have our weird likings. Mine is sauce! So, tonight was Chicken Quesadilla night which we do regularly once a week (it’s good)! We always have toppings for it; however the kids generally just do the sour cream. Up until tonight Stinky Face (1) has always just had hers plain. Tonight though she insisted on partaking in the yummy white creamy goodness….yes that’s right folks she’s “mine” teeheehee. Not only did she partake in it she took 3 servings of it for her whole one slice of quesadilla! Yes folks, we can safely say she had sour cream for dinner tonight! My girl, with her Daddy’s butt chin!

Mind you all the while she kept saying "mmmmmmmmmmm" and when she thought she need more she would say "mo mo".

Love her...

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