Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A gift for the Hubster

I know Valentine's Day is now officially, however I was unable to finish Hubby’s gift until just moments before Valentine’s Day was over last night. Isn’t it sad when your children’s valentines come before your significant other? We decided a long time ago we were not going to buy cards for any occasion that homemade cards are better all the way around and personally I think they mean more that way! That and I love seeing my hubby get creative, who does like seeing a man get in touch with his inner child. *smile* So, this brings me to last night after the kids went to bed I had known what I wanted to make for him, which was just something simple(this is me we are talking about). I will apologize now as I wanted to do little tutorial w/pictures to go along with this, however my camera battery died and I had to go on without it. Since I’m a simple person my project was also simple, so I will do my best just to tell you how I made this.

Materials Needed:
2 pcs of 12X12 fabric
1 pc white 6x6 fabric
1 pc coordinating 6x6 fabric
1 pcs 6x6 steam a seam
1 iron on paper
Coordinating ribbon
Matching thread

1. Once all cut pieces are gathered together take your piece of 6x6 steam a seam and fold in half and cut a heart shape from the center. Then remove one side of the paper and adhere your heart to your 6x6 coordinating fabric and cut around the heart. You should now have a heart iron on.

2. Adhere (iron) your heart onto your 6x6 white fabric.

3. Take your white 6x6 fabric and fold under your 6x6 square to give it a nice finish edge, this is to prepare it to be sewn onto your 12x12 fabric.

4. Print your subway art onto your iron on paper. Then take your prepared 6x6 white fabric with the heart iron on and position your iron on centered over the fabric. Iron on then let cool before attempting to remove from fabric. I found my particular iron on material sealed my heart behind the iron on.

5. Take one piece of your 12 x 12 material and center your 6x6 prepared white fabric w/heart and iron on and pin it on. Next sew this on.

6. Cut two strips of ribbon 12 inches long, and then pin the ribbon down on each side of your 6x6 white fabric square. Sew both ribbons down on each side of the ribbon, so the ribbon is secure on both the left and right side of the ribbon.

7. Next place you’re two 12x12 pieces of fabric wrong sides together, pin and sew. Remember to leave a section at the bottom of the pillow for stuffing.

8. Turn the pillow right side out, stuff, and use an invisible stitch to close the pillow.

9. Now lovingly present your pillow to your Hubby in my case I had just minutes to spare before Valentine’s Day was officially over *smile*
On a side not this does not have to be just for Valentine’s Day, this would also make a great gift for an Anniversary!

Check back later this week for a small piece of furniture I refinished tutorial.

Happy Blogging!

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