Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby its cold outside!

Burrrr…today was one of those days you just wanted to curl under the covers and stay in bed and watch movies kind of day! While that would have been nice it just wasn’t feasible. Ya see Christmas is upon us and being on a budget well this require some homemade gifts. I’ve known this for some time now and really should have started sometime back, however I generally lack motivation! I did not get to Christmas gifts today, however am working on a gift for my cousin who had a baby girl a little while back. Hopefully I will start Christmas present crafting this week. If you are looking for a little ones Christmas gift idea or even Birthday gift idea I recently made this cute little set for a neighbors birthday.

I achieved this by using my son’s cape as a pattern. I then created a mask, arm cuffs, and crown. I embellished them all and it turned out great! Now to think of little ones I can make these for.
Also, since we didn’t put up Halloween decorations I am seriously considering putting up my Christmas décor in November. Let’s face it decorations are time consuming to put up and even more so to take down. I like enjoying them for as long as possible, without being tacky of course!
Tomorrow we will be cheering on my hubby who is running his 2nd year in a row the Marine Corps Marathon! He spends a lot of time training for this day, so I’m hoping everything will go as he plans!
That’s it for today…Happy Blogging!

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