Monday, October 24, 2011

Spooktacular Birthday Party

Today I am posting details from the awesome Halloween Birthday Party my fabulous neighbor and her family threw for her grandson’s ages 9 and 10. The detail and time that went into planning this party really paid off! We saw some awesome costumes and ate some ghoulish food! Get ready for some photo intensive viewing! First though is my kiddos in their costumes. Silly Whim and Stinky Face are both sporting Hula Girls costumes fashioned by myself. Actually the Hula skirts were made for Silly Whims recent 9th birthday party Luau, which I will share sometime in the near future. Bubby of course is Iron Man.

There were so many cute costumes below were just a few a caught on camera:

Our Party House hosts:

Some of the awesome decorations:

I even took a picture of the toilet!

Now I have saved the best for last, the FOOD! As gross as some of it looked it was all awesome! I made sure to get picture before all the hooligans devoured it! The green pie looking dish was Chicken Buffalo Ranch Dip. The Deviled Eggs were green with orange insides. There was a veggie dip that looked kind of bloody with a hand. I so loved the Mummy English Muffin Pizza’s, which we will be having this week for dinner with salad one night! The Rice Crispy Treat Pumpkins were to die for! Popcorn hands with ring embellishments. Gray Pasta Salad with Chicken, Veggies, and Ranch dressing. The Punch had a frozen hand in it with plastic rings! The cake was so cute as well! Loved it all! I was totally impressed, which takes a lot for me.

If you are preparing for an upcoming Halloween Party or considering planning one next year I hope you got some great ideas from this post!

Happy Blogging!

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