Friday, May 20, 2011

Unique Birthday Wrapping

I seems we can go all year only being invited to one or two birthday parties, then all of the sudden May comes and they come in a flood!! Let me just say I “LOVE” Etsy! I love a handmade item over a store bought item any day. For starters they are original, and chances are no one out there is going to have one exactly like that! So, naturally I just like assuming everyone else would appreciate the same kind of gift. I always like feeling like I put more than just a trip to the store into my gift…I mean my kid’s gifts. (smile) Last weekend I made a gift for Silly Whims friend like one I have made before the nail box kit as seen in this post. Additionally, I made her friend a t-shirt, which really fit her personality. This weekend both Silly Whim and Bubba have parties. While I did buy both gifts I wanted to add that touch of personal to them, so for Silly Whims (one of her best friends) I had a picture from Silly Whims Spa-rific Sleepover, which I hope to post on soon. I took the picture and created an iron on design. I also used Steam-a-seam (love that stuff) to create fabric appliqués of her name. Additionally, I used spray paint to create a splattered paint look and went over my appliqué with fabric pain. I started with these a 3 pack from Wal-mart was $6.97, and everything else I already had!

Below is the finished product:

Next for Bubba’s friend, whom I will say we don’t know that well I created an appliqué of race car and his name on the bag. (appliqué is indicative of contents) Bubba is going through a car phase right now. To create an appliqué I simply print out whatever design word I want to use then flip it print side down and trace over my light box onto the steam-a-seam. Next I peel off the side that is NOT traced on and place it on the WRONG side of my fabric. See below:

I gently press with an iron to seal together, and then cut along traced lines. I arrange how I want it all to look on whatever item I have chosen to place it on then remove the last piece of paper from the steam-a-seam and iron on for my permanent look. I also used the spray paint for this as well. This bag turned out like so:

Both bags stuffed and fluffed:

I’m probably over estimating others appreciation for this type of stuff, but it makes me feel better and honestly you spend just as much maybe even less than you would have if you purchased a bag!

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I love this idea, Sheena! I love homemade things too! So thoughtful and super cute!