Thursday, May 19, 2011

Toilet Seat Sweet

Interested in the title of this blog post? Keep reading to find out what it is all about! Honestly though I was rather embarrassed to post after having gone for such a long time in between postings. I long to be that person who posts several times a week, I suppose to become that I may have to settle sometimes for just simple posts. That leads us to today’s posting “Toilet Seat Sweet”! I have come to accept sometimes the simple things in life are what be me joy. We have been needing new toilet seats in all of our (3) bathrooms for some time now, so I was excited when I was meandering through Home Depot not too long ago and saw these ditty’s .

Having a 4 almost 5 year old boy toilet seats can really mean a lot! You can imagine my excitement when I can get the Whisper (No Slam) Close toilet seats for $9.93 (originally $39.97). So, I pretty much got three for the price of one! Gotta love it when that happens!! While that was almost enough excitement for one day I had also searched the internet for some type of seat handle for any size boys to use when lifting and lowering the toilet seat! That is when I came across these:

These have to be the coolest seat handles every. Such a simple idea I actually wish I had thought of it! Alas I did not; I did invest in three handles. These are great not only do I feel better about my little man lifting the seat and not touching the gross seat! Added bonus is the reminder on BOTH sides of the handle reminding little ones to wash their hands! These are super easy to install, the seat does need to be flat on the bottom of the seat. This is what mine look like installed. They have several designs to choose from and some neutral ones. I have three different ones.

My Whisper Seat in action (teeheehee)

Please note this is NOT a paid promotion I have not been asked to review these, however as a mother of four I always like hearing about products out on the market that make life a little easier for moms! I am just simply sharing with you what I found that I like and works well for me. This may not be the case for you; however I hope you found this useful!


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  1. Bemis is just down the road from me a bit. I know many people who have worked there at some point. I'll pass along that you are pleased with their product. You did get a great price.
    I never knew about those handles. Someone had a good idea.