Monday, January 24, 2011

V-day Bear Love

So about a week ago I received an Oriental Trading Magazine (I always find good ideas in there!).  While I was flipping through I saw a valentines craft that would make a good idea for a valentine with a little more of a personal touch and guess what it's EASY!!  Yes, if it is simple and easy I'm all over it!  You have to keep in mind since my kids ages 16, 8, 4, and 1 respectivly don't always cooperate with taking naps(at least the 4 and 1 year old), my craft time is generally from 10pm - 12pm.  Before you start thinking my kids don't go to bed till 10pm, they do we just all know that even after they are in bed your time is still not really your own.  I sure do look forward to when that time (my time) rolls around though!  So, I bet your wondering what it is I worked on? Well it's kind of in the title they are Valentines Day Bear Lollipop covers and I even went as far as to put together a printable Valentines Day card to go along with it!  You love me I know I thought of it all.  Just giving back to the many of you who inspire me and do such great stuff!  I started out by creating a pattern which you can get here.
Next I cut all my pieces like so...
You could decrease the size of the pattern and possibly get two out of one sheet of felt! Next I sewed the head together like so...
Then I simply glued on the eyes, ears, nose and used fabric paint to do the mouth like so...
Then I added the lollipop, ribbon (don't forget to use a lighter to seal the ends)and the card. Final project looks like so..
Here are the cards:
simply right click on the image and save it.

Well that's it...hope you enjoy it and "Happy Crafting"! Don't forget to follow me if you like what you see I'm full of ideas I'm dying to share.

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