Monday, January 31, 2011

Pass’in me by

Do you ever have those days, weeks, months, or even years that you just feel like life is passing you by? Here lately this is me! I really do wonder how some mom’s do it? Most days I feel completely unaccomplished. I have so much I would love to do crafts I would like to make and changes I would like to do in my house, but alas the day comes and goes and nothing is done. Just getting my house in order would be an accomplishment! So, on the upside during our recent snow days the kids and I crafted up some fun!

I’ve been hanging onto these milk cartons for some time now intending to make these for the kids. Being the perfect day we finally made them! I think my 16yr old and I had more fun with them than the 8 and 4yr old. In fact my 16yr old has requested I make more so the whole family can play and the younger ones have requested I make one for all of the kids on the street! So all in all I would say they were successful. These were super easy to make!
Milk Carton
Hot Glue Gun
Thicker Ribbon
I simply cut the bottom off of the milk cartons. Hot glued the lids on and ribbon around the cut edge in effort to make them a little safer. You could probably get away with not doing this, however with my kids this kind of stuff is a necessity as any toy can become a weapon. Then we used some of the many bean bags we have made. This is perfect, because it can be played with by one or many! These could also be embellished more to reflect each individual. Simple yet fun. I know I’m not the first person to think of this, just thought I would share what was a big hit and gave some sanity to our crazy snow days! These can also be worn as head gear!

Our snow fun!

I would really like to get into the groove of these blog posts and post more frequently, however it’s hard! February is my personal challenge to post more than once a week! I would love to become one of those blogs that people like to come and read you know the one you check everyday or at least several times a week just to see what they are up to. All while sipping a cup of coffee and planning your hectic day! Till then…

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