Friday, April 1, 2011

My NOT so lazy days….

I’m still alive!! No my dearest friend Allyson I have not hot glued myself to anything…YET! I really have just been BUSY! I actually have several projects/blog posts in the works I would tell you, but to be honest I want you to come back and check me out! Let me tell you it’s not easy to have your camera with you literally everywhere. My camera has so many pictures on it all working towards projects not yet finished! I have completed a couple of things though. One project I completed recently was two pillows for girls “Brownies” who have been with our troop since they were daisies whom are not moving. I wanted to come up with something special that they could take with them to remember their troop and friends. The pillow itself was pretty simple and the girls loved them. Below is one of the pillows just after I finished it.

This was the pillow all signed by the troop!

For my next project I ask you to please keep in mind I am jack of many trades, yet master of none! I say this because my idea of sewing is winging it! Yes, I can sew kinda sorta some! I love sewing and being able to make my kiddos clothes and dresses and pillows and whatever else I might be able to imagine up, however if you look in close detail at my projects you will definitely see my flaws! Hence why my 16 year old does not request I make her stuff and since I was so young when I had her she really didn’t get the crafty side of me so I think we are both okay with it. As for the rest of my kids I wanted them to be able to look back through their childhood and remember that mommy always made them things. I’m all about making memories, which leads me to my next pillow…still sticking with my scouts theme. We all have them….old uniforms. When I moved my mom gave me my old Girl Scout vest some patches sewed on and some in an envelope not sewed on. Let’s face it I am never going to really do anything with it and my hubby gets rather irritated when Bubba (5) dances around with it on. He will be a Boy Scout soon enough. Well Silly Whim bridge up from Daisies to Brownies last year and recently I finished making sure all of her patches were assembled on her tunic. I wanted her uniform to have more of a purpose though rather than just sitting in some box stowed away for nothing more than just to show her kids someday. So I decided to make a pillow from it. The idea started rather simple and grew a little bit. I started with this:

Next I made sure the tunic was lined up nicely and then I cut the shoulders off strait across the top. I followed this up by trimming the trim all the way around like so.

Since I had to cut her troop numbers and flag off I needed to sew them back on. I also decided to use pictures from her years as a Daisy and using iron on transfer put them onto fabric. I then framed each picture using ribbon.

After all the pictures were in place I used the freezer paper stencil to put the years she was a Daisy. I also used some glow in the dark fabric paint to do some writing around some empty spaces. I then cut some strips of lavender fabric and created a trim and pinned it in place.

Then I just sewed the pillow up and ta da!! Done!! I really like how it turned out! Mind you it is NOT perfect, but I’m okay with that. I hope that Silly Whim can look at this and remember all the fun time she had as a Daisy.

Now to try and thing what I am going to do with the Brownie vest. Aw..I still have another year…plenty of time!

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  1. I think this is amazing and wonderful.
    I was a scout way back in the day before there were such things as Daisies, but stayed in long enough to become a leader. I still have many great keepsakes from those days but this is a project that I would have taken with me to college and not been ashamed to display in my dorm room.
    (Earlier this week I did pull out and appreciate my brownie pin and G.S. sash as I was cleaning.)

  2. great idea! something that will not sit in the closet and be forgotten, but something that will be an icon and a conversation piece!